Noticing Progress

The other day I had an Aha! moment – I was able to recognize some specific progress I had made in my personal growth. This happened because I stepped outside my comfort zone and did something I hadn’t done for a really long time. When I was considering it afterwards, I was able to see how I had changed in my attitudes, feelings, and skills as I showed up in the situation. Kudos for me!

It’s like when touching one element of a mobile, all the elements react and respond to that one touch, or like dominoes that are set up, when just one touch or slight push affects all the dominoes and they react, or when exercising the largest muscles of our bodies contributes to the strength of all our muscles.

Our lives happen that way, too. When we are willing to practice recognizing, understanding, processing, and mastering our fear, it affects our whole life in ways we may not recognize right away. Sometimes it’s sudden and obvious, sometimes it’s subtle and shows up over time, and we don’t even realize it’s happened until we move out of our comfort zone in some way. That’s when we can see the progress we’ve made and the way it has affected many areas of our life, not just the one we were working on.

How has your life changed over the past few months? Where have you noticed growth in your own development? What is different for you now in any area of your life that you did not focus on, but you notice has changed because you have learned how to process fear?

Keep up the good work!

Photo: Tom Wilson / Pexels


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