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"Where you begin doesn't matter. Your willingness to start is what counts."

~ Rhonda Britten

Are you ready to change your life so that you can live your best life? I'm here to support you through every step. I'm committed to helping you grow, whether you want to overcome challenges, learn how to become "fearless," or improve your relationships. 

Your journey to Fearless Living starts with a simple step: reach out today to start the conversation.

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Are you at a point in your life where you want to make changes that mean something and make you feel more fulfilled? Let me tell you about myself and the path that will change you. I am a dedicated Certified Fearless Living Coach who was taught by the respected Rhonda Britten and the Fearless Living Institute, which is often called the "Ivy League" of life coaching. At Bedrock Beginnings Life Coaching, LLC, I offer personalized coaching services. I am dedicated to coaching you through an experience that fits your priorities and goals.

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